Protecting Waterloo and rural Monroe County
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The very worst fire plan is no plan. The next worse is two plans. ~ Jerry Smith  

The Waterloo Community Fire Protection District’s volunteer members dedicate themselves to the preservation and safety of life and property through fire suppression, rescue operations and education to keep families safe. Our district covers 110.2 square miles which encompasses Waterloo, Burksville, Wartburg, Foster Pond, New Hanover and the surrounding Monroe and St. Clair County area.

Waterloo Fire Department | Waterloo, IL 62298

According to the Waterloo Advocate, the local newspaper, in 1866 a mass meeting of the citizens of Waterloo was held to devise ways and means to protect the town of Waterloo against the ravages of fire.

Waterloo Fire Department | Waterloo, IL 62298

Have you considered volunteering for the community you live in by becoming a volunteer fireman? We have a variety of individuals on our department from all types of background.

Waterloo Fire Department | Waterloo, IL 62298

Make sure all family members know what to do in the event of a fire. Draw a floor plan with at least two ways of escaping every room. Make a drawing for each floor. Choose a safe meeting place outside the house.

Waterloo Fire Department | Waterloo, IL 62298

Do you have an old car  or structure  you can’t use anymore and would like to donate it to the Waterloo Fire Department for us to practice extrication on? If so contact us with the details.

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